About Us

It’s high time you got to know us and what we’re all about. Here at MyGayWebcam, we believe in being transparent, honest, and out in the open. We don’t want to hide anything from you so here we are showing it all. Where do we start? MyGayWebcam started as a dream to have the best live sex cam in the gay niche and we like to think we succeeded in doing just that. And we’ve made it as queer as possible. We wanted to bring to the table a camming site that has it all: great performers, amazing streams, and tons of options to have fun and spend your time.

We offer only the best for you here at MyGayWebcam!

The Mission

Ah, yes, probably the most important part of this section. What is our mission? What are we here to do? Well, we are here to change the world and take you for a ride. But mainly? Mainly to offer you the best gay cams you’ve ever seen. These live-cam sex shows are unmatched and so hot you won’t believe it until you see them with your own two eyes. But cams are not the only thing we set out to do. Camming is great because of brilliant performers but the site is just as important. MyGayWebcam moves super fast, is easy to navigate, and the streams are so crystal clear you’d think the models are right next to you. If you want to go even more in-depth you are more than welcome to check out our Team page and discover who are the masterminds behind the site and who brings you the best models in the industry. Now, don’t waste any time and get on with your day. You have tons of models to see and enjoy!


The dream doesn’t work if your team doesn’t. And ours works wonders! MyGayWebcam owes it all to them and their hard work and dedication to our cause. It’s because of them that we can give you great models, amazing shows, and streams. Any technical issues you may have or, any other problem that might arise can be solved by them. Let them help you, that’s what they’re here for. Go to our Support page or our Contact Us section and get in touch today!

How does the magic happen?

It all starts with scouting models and finding real talents. After that, we bring them to our site and to you. There are several criteria we take into account when we select models but in short, we want those who are creative, charming, sexy, and who really have fun doing what they do. These xxx live cams are here and they’re queer and they’re so kinky you’ll get hard as soon as you lay eyes on them.