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The camming world is vast and fascinating and, when you get down to it, quite simple to work out. Especially because in it everything revolves around credits and tokens. Yes, siree, these are the currencies you need to make everything and anything happen in front of you. Get yourself some credits by charging your account then buy some tokens and get down to business. You may already know about them, their uses, why you need them and so forth. Still, we feel we should offer you a small introduction into what credits and tokens mean for MyGayWebcam and how they can help you sweeten your experience and time on our site.

We took great care when we devised our credits/tokens system so that you can feel safe and secure using it. First step is to load your account with credits for which you can use a number of payment methods such as credit cards, checks, Paypal and so on. Once you do that you can go ahead and check out our various token packages and decide which one fits you better. Tokens are what you need to interact with the models to the full extent. They are our special currency. But before anything let us inform you that no payment info shall be disclosed to us or any third parties. Everything will remain between you and your bank. Also, any purchase you make will not show up on your credit card statement. Instead, you will see the name of the payment processing company you used (e.g. Segpay). We wanted you to have as much privacy as you can using MyGayWebcam, after all, we know this should be our little secret, and your little getaway. Hence why we took special measures for this. Still, if you encounter any problems feel free to contact our Support team and let them know. They will be more than happy to help you with your inquires.

Moving on to the good stuff!

Why are tokens good? Well, because you can use them to do extra special stuff. Tokens can be used for:

  1. Tiping the performers. Think about it. Maybe you want to thank them for their amazing show, or just want to make them smile by doing something nice for them. You can always use the tokens to tip them as generously as you want.

  2. Buzz their toys This is our favorite one, if we are to be honest. Some performers, if not all of them, will have interactive toys connected, toys that you can control via tips. So say you want to give them a good orgasm or two you can then buzz their toy for as long and hard as you want. Sounds great, right?

  3. Make special requests Some models will do special stuff, that they won’t normally do during shows, if you tip them with tokens. Maybe use your tokens during live cam sex shows to ask them to play with that dildo you’ve been eyeing, or maybe tip them to wear that red lingerie you’re dying to see them in. Anything goes, really, as long as both of you are ok with it.

  4. Help them reach goals You will see that sometimes a model may have a goal set in their room. If they gather enough tokens they will perform a certain action like stripping or dancing on a pole or putting on those high heels you love. So, you can help them by tiping just the right amount so they can reach their set goal. This way you’re both happy and get what you want.

Now, please bear in mind that there are limits when it comes to spending tokens. You have daly, weekly, and monthly limits and if you happen to go over them we will first notify you then prevent you from spending for a limited time. Think of it as a cooldown period , if you will. Similary, we will notify you when you are approaching the end of your tokens/credits and when you should recharge your account with credits/tokens.

You can also see your spending in real time as you will have a counter on your screen showing you exactly how much you have left each time you spend. And you don’t have to refresh your page to see it. The counter refreshes itself.

Finally, if you do need a refund because of payment issues or issues with the models or otherwise you can always Contact Us or go to our Support page where our team can help you with your request.

We do hope you will enjoy our live sex cams on MyGayWebcam and that you will use your tokens to your heart’s desire!