FAQ MyGayWebcam

If you ever had questions about MyGayWebcam then this is the place to get your answers!

What makes a great live sex cam site? Amazing models? HD streaming? A fast site? Or a good FAQ? All of the above we’d say. Why FAQ? Because it’s here where you can find the essential info you need to enjoy MyGayWebcam to its full extent. You can find out about how the site works, how we find models, what to do if you have problems with your transanctions and so on.

Now, we do hear you ask, what is FAQ? Well, frequently asked questions, of course. These are the questions we’ve received mostly over the course of our adventure since the start of MyGayWebcam. So, we figured, why not put them in the same place for easier access. Bellow you will find seven questions and their answers but feel free to contact us and suggest even more if you feel like it.

  1. How did MyGayWebcam came to be? You’d think it was some big decision but nope. We were a small group of people looking around cam sites trying to figure out what’s missing, what we could do better. And then it came to us: live sex gay cams. We knew how to make them better and so we did!

  2. What are the model requirements for appearing on your site? While beauty is important and we do look for models who are appealing, this is not everything. First and foremost our models need to be creative, entertaining, funny, and charming. We don’t stick to only one body type. We aim for diversity and we achieve it. Tall, short, skinny or plump we have them all.

  3. Will I receive emails from you guys? We value your privacy among everything else. We won’t send you any emails, promotional or otherwise unless you opt for them. To do this you can go to your profile and then to settings. And even if you do want to get emails we will make sure they are discreet.

  4. How will my payment show up on my credit card statement? Extending our promise to protect your privacy we make sure your credit card statement is clean without giving anything away. So any transaction you will make will appear under the name of the paymeny processing company you use (e.g. Segpay).

  5. Do I have to pay to see the shows? No, absolutely not. All the shows are FREE and so is talking to the models. And you don’t need to worry about time and such. You can spend as long as you want watching and chatting and being entertained.

6.Do you have a roulette? Of course. If you don’t want to manually look up models and you just feel lucky and wanna see what you get randomly you can always use our roulette and see who you will end up chatting with. it can be quite exciting and fun.